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Destination Teambuilding

Bringing a group of employees together to bond is one of the prime desries of management. Trying to do so in the same circumstance that problems arose tends to be a recipe for failure. Sometimes traveling can be your best option.

Destination Teambuilding is all about finding a place to take your group away from it all and to have a corporate team buillding setting at another location, usually in another city. For example, taking your management team to a tropical setting in the middle of the winter, or on a ski trip during winter, can be a way to increase appreciation for the company by employees as well as to break the rut that they may have fallen into.

This site was developed to explain the issues involved with choosing to travel for your bonding experience. Generally speaking we stick with domestic choices for your travel and for the issues involved. That allows us to concentrate more, though additional information may be provided in the future.

Besides the general information about destination teambuilding, the site has information about each location. The locations are chosen relatively simply. More will be added over time and it shouldn't be inferred that a location not being included in the list isn't worthwhile. It may just be that we haven't had time to add the location yet.

Each of these location then has a variety of information including:

Hotels: This section contains information about the travel industry. This includes cruise ships as well as future information about traveling to and from the port. This will include information from the airlines as well as shuttle services, rental car facilities and taxi services. Additionally, links to several high-quality hotels are provided. For your next business trip to the area or for holiday or vacation travel, this should assist you with your visit.

Public Parks: This has information about public parks in the area. Public parks can serve as areas for group activities and could be without a fee. Nice choices for public parks could make an area worthwhile.

Area Transportation: This includes information about how to get to the area as well as how to get transportation once you arrive. This will include some information on rental cars, limos, airport shuttles parking and other issues. This is part of the overall selection of a location because if you can't travel easily, it might make it a less likely choice.

Seasons: This page has any seasonal issues regarding a location including general weather trends, spring breakers, peak and off-peak issues or potentially closed facilities.

Venues: This page has information about venues for potential group activities at a location. Destination teambuilding requires locations. Sometimes the public parks will suffice, but other times you need to obtain a location for your group activities. This includes banquets, meeting space, equipment needs, etc.

Guide: This page contains information about the location itself. Things for people to do when they are not part of the event.

Destination Teambuilding Programs: This has information about workshops, activities and programs that can be hired or developed. Some local provider information may be included and local issues that may be involved. If the particular aspects of a location can provide unique opportunities, that may be included as well.

This site is developed by professionals in the field and information and links to their websites may be included. The information provided, however, in no way obligates you to utilize their services. The information provided is simply to show their professionalism and can provide you with options that you may not have thought of.

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