Let us take care of your dining for you. We can work with a variety of restaurants and venues to suit your needs.



Let us take steps to assure your safety. This can include training your people on how to travel, to having security personnel availble to add to their feeling of safety.



Let us get you from here to there and back again! We work with a variety of providers to make this happen.



We handle the logistics issues for you. This includes going back and forth with the venues and making certain that items that are needed are where they're supposed to be.

vendor management accounting

Vendor Management / Accounting

We work with the vendors and help you with the selection process. We make sure that they get paid and handle any issues or concerns that you may have.


Serenity At Last

Let us allow you to enjoy your event as well. Let us take on the headaches and allow you to relax and enjoy!

Destination Management can allow for you to take full advantage of our Destination Team Building from THEY improv along with the best vendors from your chosen location working together to help your event be the best possible.

We begin by discussing your event with you and understanding the scope of the project. We get a feel for all of the special items that may be needed and how hands-on you would like us to be.

We then develop a plan for managing your event along with a rough cost for various elements. If you would like us to develop a full budget, there is a fee for that as the budgetary process is part of our Destination Management.

Simply call and we can explain how the process works with no obligation. We can also explain what work is more involved and will involve a fee. 

Contact us to discuss your needs and come up with a plan for achieving your goals. You can reach us at 866-219-4386 or by email at info@destinationteambuilding.com.


"First and foremost, I wanted to thank you for the quick turnaround in organizing the entertainment for our event last week. I really appreciate the flexibility and getting things pulled together so quickly and seamlessly."



Just a Few of Our Clients

We have been proud to call over half of the Fortune 500 our clients.
In 2022, we called 19 out of the top 20 Fortune 500 Companies our clients.
Shouldn't you want to be on our list of clients as well?

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