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New York City - Manhattan

The place to be for big business, Manhattan is home to Wall Street, Broadway, the Village, Chinatown, Time's Square, Midtown and just about every icon you can think of. Though not inexpensive, this can be a great choice to inspire greatness. After all, if you can make it here...

long island sailboats

Long Island - Queens and the Hamptons

Sometimes getting out of the city can prove effective. Whether just going across the bridge to Queens or all the way out to the playground for the rich and famous, Long Island has great options for corporate offsite events.

westchester county

Westchester County

Truly the burbs, Westchester County has a lot of options and flavors for just about anyone. With White Plains providing more of a metropolitan backdrop, there's also Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow. There are posh locations like Scarsdale and plenty of meeting spaces throughout.


Connecticut - Fairfield County

Just across the border from Westchester County on the I-95 corridor is Fairfield County in Connecticut. Some feel that it is more of a New York City suburb than part of Connecticut though we feel that it provides the best of both worlds. 

atlantic city

Atlantic City

Though it has lost a bit of its shine over the years, heading down the shore to Atlantic City is still a popular option. Whether it's a scavenger hunt on the Boardwalk, gambling in the casinos or having workshops in the many conference spaces, there are still a lot of options for corporate fun.

Destination Team Building serves all of the boroughs of New York City and would gladly put together a program for your group.

Here, there is certainly a lot of Wall Street, but there is also a lot of Broadway. You have a combination of some of the wealthiest people in the world, the power elite, and business people that are very good at what they do and know how to have a good time.

New York City is the melting pot of America. There's a lot of history, power and inspiration. You can't help but have a feeling of pride at the sheer magnitude of what NYC represents. 

New York City is the focus of attention for the world. Despite not being the nation's capital, more than any other city, it serves as a beacon of freedom to the world. Whether it is the Statue of Liberty or the UN, it symbolizes peace, freedom and a great conglomeration of peoples living in relative harmony.

Midtown Manhattan serves as the corporate headquarters to some of the largest companies in the world. The convention facilities, hotels and restaurants barely miss a beat at events that would overwhelm most other cities. Bringing employees and management teams to Manhattan for destination team building is a natural fit.

Perfect for scavenger hunts, team building workshops and other bonding events, Manhattan serves as a great place for finding the talent needed to make these gatherings work. There are a lot of specialists waiting to serve your needs for Manhattan team building workshops.  

And with Broadway, you can simply take everyone out for a show and a night on the town. The city that never sleeps can bring everyone to have a great time, but they might need some rest after they get home.

We bring a variety of entertainment programs for your parties, activities and meetings and incentives events. This can include game shows, improv comedy and murder mystery dinners along with a variety of other forms of entertaining your employees.

For workshops, we have a variety of ways to bond your employees with one another, enhance communication skills, both interpersonal and electronic, improve leadership skills, adjust to corporate culture changes and even assist with safety training.

We have been helping Fortune 500 Companies with their Destination Team Building needs since 2005. Don't hesitate to contact us to discover how we can help grow your company as we have helped theirs.

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