No one can use your ideas if they don't hear them!

The concept of there not being such a thing as a bad idea is not correct. The only bad idea is the one not heard! It's not bad because it wouldn't be able to help. It is bad because it won't help because no one heard it.

A horrible idea is the one that would have completely solved a problem and saved the company time and money, but someone kept it to themself. It's horrible because of the lost potential!

Even an idea that won't solve the problem can be a part of a solution or could be the key to understanding the problem and issues to overcome.

Our Assertiveness Training Workshop helps people to understand the give and take of a room and how to build confidence in their idea and how to then break through the silence to be heard.

We have used these workshops on everything from simply helping a team to generate ideas to giving staff confidence to make a call on-site that could cost their company millions of dollars, or save billions!

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