We have a variety of workshops designed to help your employees to become more comfortable with one another. Great for the beginning of a multi-day event, these programs get people to have that initial contact that allows them to bond with one another to allow for greater success from the overall event.

wake up motivational workshops

Wake-Ups and Motivational Workshops

Sometimes people enjoy themselves a bit too much or are ill-prepared for some of the lengthy material being covered in the overall program. We have a variety of workshops designed to wake people up and prepare them to be open to the material that you need them to understand. Think of them as motivationals that can not only be in the morning, but can be between lengthy sessions during the day to reinvigorate.

getting to know you

Getting to Know You

Sometimes a simple handshake and ice-breaking isn't enough. If you want people to get to know each other on a deeper level we have a variety of workshops that can help do just that. Employees will get a greater amount of detail about each other's lives as well as to get a better sense of each other as human beings.

Bonding Workshops for your corporate events is made all the better with Destination Team Building from THEY improv.

We can help get people to introduce themselves to one another, get to know each other on a deeper level and have the shared experience of being motivated to learn together. All of this is made more fun through adding a bit of humor. This gets people to want to participate because it is something that is fun to do.

When it comes to the bonding on your employees, we feel that adding fun and excitement to those initial meetings can color their future relationship and get them invested in your company.

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"The feedback was extremely positive and people had a great time getting out of their comfort zone and learning a little bit about improv and how that can apply to their jobs and leadership roles in the company. It also helped people to interact and get to know other people in a way they would not have before - and that is extremely valuable. We are extremely pleased with the session and will recommend They Improv for future Capital One events."



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