key west

Key West - The Conch Republic

Leaving the country without actually leaving the country by taking a trip to the Conch Republic! There are many resorts here that have been designed specifically to work with companies looking to get away from it all and be able to work together.

key largo

Key Largo - The First of the Keys

The large one has many locations for corporate offsites to allow you to work together and find common ground. There are a lot of activtiies and it is more accessible than some of the others.


Islamorada - Go Fishing for Success

With great fishing charters and facilities for meetins, Islamorada is becoming more popular as a destination for teams looking to get away from it all.


The Rest of the Keys

For the rest of the Florida Keys, there are a collection of islands which have their own charms. We are proud to serve the entire chain from both sides. We can come down from Miami or up from Key West. We look forward to helping your group!

Destination Team Building serves the Florida Keys and would gladly put together a program for your group.

Here, everything is a little bit more laid back. In order to have a good time and bond you need to relax and enjoy the process. Let those metaphorical shields down, put the feet up and pop open a bottle of your favorite.

The Florida Keys has long been a destination to get away from it all. People go there to get to where phones can't reach, the fish are jumping and the sun is warm on your back. There are all kinds of watersports, golfing, dolphin adventures and a wide variety of other things to do and see.

The Florida Keys are not a monolith. Meaning it's not just one place, it is actually quite diverse. Key West is known for the night life, the laid back attitude, possibly alternative lifestyles and great fishing. Marathon Key and Islamorada are known more for fishing, and thus getting away from it all. Key Largo is closer to Miami, and thus is a little more of a transitional space with many places including the Ocean Reef Club.

Florida Keys corporate teambuilding workshops tend to take advantage of the location. After all, if you are near the joys of the water, how could you not take advantage. So outdoor adventures are a lot of fun, or at least day excursions into the world of fun.

Oddly, the area is closer to Latin America than Miami, but Miami is more Latin. The Florida Keys tend to be more American, as are the events.

We bring a variety of entertainment programs for your parties, activities and meetings and incentives events. This can include game shows, improv comedy and murder mystery dinners along with a variety of other forms of entertaining your employees.

For workshops, we have a variety of ways to bond your employees with one another, enhance communication skills, both interpersonal and electronic, improve leadership skills, adjust to corporate culture changes and even assist with safety training.

We have been helping Fortune 500 Companies with their Destination Team Building needs since 2005. Don't hesitate to contact us to discover how we can help grow your company as we have helped theirs.

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