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Scavenger Hunts

Getting people out and about utilizing the skills that are taught as part of a Destination Team Building Event is crucial to solidifying the gains of having such a corporate retreat. A Corporate Scavenger Hunt goes a long way towards helping people to bond and have a great time along the way!

laundry list

The Laundry List

The Laundry List is the basic format for all scavenger hunts. It is comprised of a list of questions to answer, problems to solve and things to accomplish. There is a motivation session at the beginning, the laundry lists are handed out and people are on their way.

group photos

Group Photos

Some of the things to accomplish likely inclde group photos. These group photos are often submitted for judging to people within your company, or even on social media. This allows you to have ownership of the photos for use later.

street games

Team Building Add-ons

Along the way, participants can meet with our facilitators in the field and be put through team building elements. These games are designed to foster cooperation between coworkers and enable them to improve future prospects.


Learn About the Area

When traveling to destinations, there is a need to let the employees enjoy the area. This means that a scavenger hunt can provide them with opportunities to see the sights and learn to be a bit more like a native.

amazing challenge

Amazing Racing

The Amazing Race is a popular television show and people readily understand the concept. Our scavenger hunts are often run in a similar fashion with our team building add-ons as challenges leading to the next let of their journey.

These events can run from 1-4 hours or longer. We completely customize the length and the activities to the client.

The event generally begins with an informational and motivational session to get them started and then the participants search through the operation area looking for the answers to our clues and conduct the required activities looking to gain points towards winning.

Our questions often combine elements to get people running around, but also include some puzzles and other elements that would enable less active members of a team to contribute.

The events usually end at either a happy hour, at the entrance to their hotel, or at an area restaurant. We go to wherever you would like us to. Then we would score the game and present the prizes while people are enjoying their meal.

We are one of the only companies with bad-weather alternatives. Should the weather turn bad, we can easily shift and hold the event in an indoor location, such as a shopping mall. We can also shift gears to go into a different direction, such as a comedy workshop or mini-Olympiad. That flexibility is one of the big advantages to working with an improv company. 

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"I wanted to write and send along a big thank you from the team for such a great event. Everyone was really engaged, and it definitely loosened the group up and opened up the lines of communications. We will definitely keep you all in mind for future events."



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