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Outdoor Adventures

Getting out of the office can be taken to extremes. Whether hiking, kayaking, paragliding, mountain climbing, ropes courses or volunteering to improve nature trails, there are options for getting your people out in the world and shaking off the shackles of work.

escape room

Group Achievement

Whether working together to escape a room or to build literal bridges, there is something wonderful about working together to achieve goals. From volunteer work helping the community to simple fun thrills, we have options for your group.

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The spirit of competition bonds employees by dividing your group into teams that compete in activities to work towards victory. With games that could be for indoor or outdoor activities, around pools, beaches, snow or mountains, there is no shortage of options for your crew. This can include individual teams activities by rotating or could have some head-to-head competitions.

scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunts

Too often traveling to an offsite results in employees not getting the opportunity to explore the area. We have a variety of scavenger hunt options that allow teams to explore the urban areas and get to know the people. They see the sights, get fun group photos and have the opportunity to win prizes. What could be better?

charity build

Charity Builds

Use the power of your Destination Team Building to help the world. We can combine activities with achievement for a common purpose. Whether it's hiking and using the journey to clean the trails or doing a team building activity by constructing bicycles for disadvantaged children, we have options that can develop skills and warm the heart.

Activities that allow employees to take advantage of the wonderful backdrops of your chosen venue are great opporutnities to develop Destination Team Building with THEY improv.

With a wide selection of options, we can combine the desire of your employees to explore the area and get away from meetings with activities that still help you to achieve your goals. This means that you get the best of both worlds. We can get your employees to bond through a shared enjoyable experience.

For your meetings and incentives events, we can help to entertain your groups to make them feel appreciated for having achieved their goals. After all, that's what these events are about for the employees. And if they learn something along the way, all is the better!

Contact us to discuss your needs and come up with a plan for achieving your goals. You can reach us at 866-219-4386 or by email at info@destinationteambuilding.com.


"I wanted to write and send along a big thank you from the team for such a great event. Everyone was really engaged, and it definitely loosened the group up and opened up the lines of communications. We will definitely keep you all in mind for future events. "



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