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Group Achievement

Enhancing teamwork within an organization begins with the establishment of goals. Having something to achieve motivates them to accomplish specific tasks that move them towards that goal. We have a variety of activities designed to engage that aspect of employee's personalities to reinvigorate their competitive spirit.



A build is a project requiring preplanning, coordination of activities, skills and the feeling of a job well done. Building something gives participants a sense of purpose and a feeling of pride. We can provide for the construction of sand castles, ice structures, snow men, and other such temporary goals as well as more permanent solutions such as homes, bridges, wells, etc. Simply contact us to come up with options as to how we can build more than just morale.

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Escape Rooms

We provide a variety of customizable escape room scenarios. This popular approach involves teams solving a series of puzzles and cryptic clues that work in unison to accomplish a goal, such as the opening of a safe, the opening of a door, getting a secret code, etc. We have various technologies that we can utilize, we have actors available to add clues or give hints. Simply contact us to find out how we can help you achieve more with our Escape Rooms.



Chains refer to activities where each person takes on a role towards achieving a greater purpose. Think of it as an assembly line where each person does their part. Whether it's a relay race to add distance and speed, like a Pony Express, or construction of toys in some way, there's an extremely wide range of activities that can be taken upon. With bucket brigades, frisbee relays and constructions, contact us to help determine the best option for your group.

charity build

Charity Builds

Use the power of your Destination Team Building to help the world. We can combine these group achievement activities to benefit the community around you. From cleaning up litter to building public works projects to building things to be given to the needy, there is no shortage of ways to help people while giving a sense of positive fulfilment for the participants.

While sessions can intellectualize the value of goals, there is nothing like the visceral sense of actually doing something to be proud of. We have a variety of activities that allow employees to achieve goals that can raise the esteem of colleagues through Destination Team Building programs with THEY improv.

Builds allow for the sense of worth involved in making something. There's a tangible aspect to it. You have actually made something. In a world filled with so many virtual things it is nice to have the rare sense of creating something real. With the option of having a purpose behind such a construction, it's nice to be able to benefit the community.

Escape Rooms provide the excitement of a timed activity with a sense of accomplishment through problem solving. Participants take a wide-range of items and try to accomplish a series of tasks which result in the release from a set of circumstances. The result is acceptance of ideas from one another and a sense of group accomplishment.

Chain events are more about trust and role playing within an organization. People are asked to accomplish specific tasks towards a common goal. Everyone plays their role and have to carry their own weight. This gives a better sense of purpose and appreciation for the others within an organization.

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