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Murder Mysteries

Enjoy an evening of entertainment while catering to the whims of your guests through the use of a murder mystery dinner. Destination Team Building begins by leaving the real world behind and entering a realm where audience members are asked to solve a crime. Simply ask us how our shows can solve the mystery of how to improve your business!

gala show

Gala Murder Mysteries

For much larger events, our casts can approach small armies. These can include all kinds of side elements, beyond the simple photo booth or DJ. This could include things like ambulances, video production, etc. Additionally, the cast may come with additioinal skills such as dancers, singers and thelike. Ask us how we can put together such a show for your group.

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Straight Murder Mysteries

The more standard format of murder mystery involves 4-7 actors interacting with the audience and creating all those moments at parties that never exist. In a special version, we can even provide Ambushes where the audience is unaware that it's a show until the murder actually takes place.

mix and mingle murders

Mix and Mingles

Getting people to talk to each other is one of our specialties. Using a mystery where the participants are characters causes them to interact with one another. Ask about how a Clue Party, a Cambridge Solution or a Secret Agent Academy could be just the idea you are looking for.

frick frack

Frick & Frack Shows

More of a stand-up comedy routine, the Frick & Frack show involves our professional comedians wading through your audience creating a murder mystery on the fly. Contact us to learn how we can set this up, how we can generate potential themes and how your people can learn important skills while solving a fun crime.

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Special Themes

We have a lot of very popular themes that we work with and can customize hundreds more. Whether a millionaire, mobsters, pirates or spies, we have them all. Likewise, we can perform these in various eras including the 20's Prohibition, the 80's, Victorian, etc. Simply contact us to discuss themes and how they might impact cost due to costuming.

escape rooms

Escape Rooms

We have options for escape rooms at various levels of difficulty and scope. This includes providing bare bones approaches including a variety of puzzles, to full on built structures along with the ability to randomize elements to prevent cheating. Contact us to discuss your needs and potential themes.

Murder mystery dinners are improved through the use of Destination Team Building with THEY improv. We don't lose sight of the true purpose for our client's events and make certain that we help to foster gatherings that improve the relationships between employees and help them feel appreciated by their management.

With a wide selection of options, we can help to entertain your group. Whether it is a gala, a straight murder mystery, a Cambridge Solution, a Clue Party, a Frick & Frack Show, a Secret Agent Academy or an Escape Room, we can get your employees to bond through a shared enjoyable experience.

For your meetings and incentives events, we can help to entertain your groups to make them feel appreciated for having achieved their goals.

Contact us to discuss your needs and come up with a plan for achieving your goals. You can reach us at 866-219-4386 or by email at

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"Last night was fabulous! Our group had a great time with Frick & Frack - the whole office is talking this morning about how much fun they had."



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