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Murder Mystery Teambuilding

Sometimes the best way to build teamwork is to pull people out of their comfort zone. One of the best ways to do this is to have people pretend to be someone else. Murder mysteries allow people to play characters and let their hair down.

By doing so in a murder mystery, people can adjust personal dynamics and test barriers in a safe environment. They can play characters that are goofy and comedic or underhanded and evil. All are done in an environment where people know that it is all pretend, often at a dinner or cocktail party, but can be done anytime and anywhere.

In a Clue Party, the idea is for everyone in the group to play a character in a murder mystery. They talk to one another and try to figure out who has committed the murder. This Mix and Mingle Murder Mystery allows people to get to know one another by letting them be characters.

An executive murder mystery is where the leads of your group are assigned characters in a murder. These are the key members that you want everyone to meet. They go from table to table and talk to everyone. This allows a slight more focus than a Clue Party. It helps the rank and file to appreciate the leaders a bit more and to see them as one of the guys, so to speak.

A walk-along murder mystery is more like a scavenger hunt that adds a bit more with clues to a murder mystery being added to the mix. The team works together and acquires clues along the way. At the end, the clues are added together to solve the crime.

A hosted murder mystery has information that's been passed out to some of the audience. The people are interrogated by the detective during the investigation and one clue leads to the next until the crime is solved.

A full murder mystery, where several actors come and present a murder, allow people to have a shared experience. This can be done as a straight murder or a more rare choice is an ambush murder mystery, where the people don't know that it's happening. Most of these involve audience members directly and enjoy the evening while solving a crime.

The answers to the crime can come individually or being solved by a group.

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