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Entertainment and Team Building in the Land of Enchantment!

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Santa Fe

The community is very religious and has an artistic sense that we like to tap into.

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Support Our Troops

While not really a military town, there are many bases within driving range and events are held for military groups and their families.

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Santa Fe Adobe Architecture

A lot of the buidings are built out of adobe. It is natural and easy to produce and yet wouldn't survive in other parts of the country. So, too, the comedy has to be built for the area as well.

Destination Team Building serves the entire Santa Fe area and would gladly put together a program for your group anywhere.

Santa Fe is known for its Southwestern style and artistic lifestyle. The people are charitable and they have a sort of formal informality about them. And all of this in the New Mexico state capital.

The natural beauty surrounding the city can not be overstated. There are plenty of outdoor activities to keep people active, from hiking and sports to kite flying to simply enjoying a fun evening.

Because of the area's dedication to the arts, often people focus on artistic endeavors for their gatherings. This will include group art projects as well as simple enjoyment of the artists that fill the area.

Corporate groups can also combine their activities towards a charitable effort to raise money for worthwhile causes.

The area is a relaxing backdrop and the thoughts of a more active urban environment are left far behind.

We bring a variety of entertainment programs for your parties, activities and meetings and incentives events. This can include game shows, improv comedy and murder mystery dinners along with a variety of other forms of entertaining your employees.

For workshops, we have a variety of ways to bond your employees with one another, enhance communication skills, both interpersonal and electronic, improve leadership skills, adjust to corporate culture changes and even assist with safety training.

We have been helping Fortune 500 Companies with their Destination Team Building needs since 2005. Don't hesitate to contact us to discover how we can help grow your company as we have helped theirs.

Contact us to discuss your needs and to develop a plan to achieve your goals. You can reach us at 866-219-4386 or by email at

Just a Few of Our Clients

We have been proud to call over half of the Fortune 500 our clients.
In 2022, we called 19 out of the top 20 Fortune 500 Companies our clients.
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