Present yourself and your ideas in the most favorable light.

The ability to present an idea can be as important as the idea itself. Getting the attention of a group of people, maintaining that attention and having the material understood is not a simple process.

A THEY improv presentation skills training workshop as part of a Destination Team Building event breaks this process down and works on each element of the process and we coordinate with you to work on the specific concerns that you may have.

Among other efforts, we can work on presentation skills training for live speeches, teleconferences, web conferences, Skype meetings, PowerPoint presentations, product demos, etc. 

We deal with the nuts and bolts of each type of presentation as well as the underlying psychology. This Emotional Intelligence training allows the speaker to adjust to the audience and better enable them to appropriately change to have a greater impact on those in attendance.

Contact us to discuss your needs and come up with a plan for achieving your goals. You can reach us at 866-219-4386 or by email at

presentation skills training workshops

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