mix and mingle events

Mix and Mingle Events

Get your employees to get to know each other better with any of our party ideas that get people sharing details about their lives. After all, the employees that know each other are more likely to work together!

wine tasting event

Wine Mixers

In wine there is truth. Sharing a glass of wine provides the perfect backdrop for learning about one another. This can be combined with wine tasting lessons or getting to know you challenges.

murder mystery mug shot

Murder Mystery Mixers

Having your people play the suspects in a murder mystery is a great way to get them to bond with one another as they interrogate each other and try to determine the murderer. With Clue Parties, Cambridge Solutions, Ambushes and Frick & Frack shows, there's no shortage of mayhem that can help you meet your goals!

game show winners

Personal Game Shows

We have selections of our Game Shows designed to help people get to know each other. Whether it is Personal Bingo, The Newly Met Game, Getting To Know You, Trivia Nights, The Secret Agent Academy, The Tribal Challenge or any of a larger variety of options, we have something that can fit your group. Contact us to determine the best fit!

psycho psychics

The Psycho Psychics

Sometimes getting people to share information about themselves requires a bit of magic and intuition. We can provide a variety of psychics to interact with your crowd and get people to reveal information about themselves without them realizing it. It's a lot of fun, interactive, and has the aura of a magical evening.

socialization classes

Socialization Classes

Though it may seem like something that shouldn't need to be taught, we can help employees learn how to make a great first impression in a humorous class designed to get them laughing and having a good time. Of course, the participants also get to know each other better along the way!

destination management

Destination Management

When traveling with a corporate group, you don't want to have to worry about the logistical elements of your events. Let us arrange a variety of things from transportation and faciities to name tags and lunch menus.

Getting your employees to mix and mingle can be a challenge. With employees working remotely or operating in silos, the mentality of not needing help from one another can become a problem. Getting them to see each other as being on the same team can turn rivals into resources and make all the difference in fostering a productive work environment.

Mix and Mingle events and parties provided for Destination Team Building by THEY improv can get your people talking, learning about each other's outside lives and see each other as human beings as opposed to job titles. 

With a wide selection of options, whether at a wine tasting, an interactive game show, a murder mystery dinner, or any of a variety of other choices, we can get your employees to bond through a shared enjoyable experience.

Contact us to discuss your needs and come up with a plan for achieving your goals. You can reach us at 866-219-4386 or by email at info@destinationteambuilding.com.

getting to know you

"We really enjoyed the event and it helped us all see the creativity in our colleagues."



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