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Game Shows

An interactive game show is a great way to accentuate a Destination Team Building event. Engaging the competitive spirit is a great way to motivate employees to bring their best efforts forward. Whether a straight game, a playoff scenario, a Trivia Night or activity, we have a choice to meet the needs of the most challenging of groups. Contact us to find out how our game shows can be the perfect idea for your offsite!

traditional game shows

Traditional Game Shows

We can accomplish most game shows that are known from TV, etc. While we usually prefer to have low-tech versions of these shows, we can accommodate desires for buzzers and big boards if you like. Our versions are usually slight off-shoots of the more traditional games and can incorporate more people in Playoff formats.

trivia nights

Trivia Nights

Breaking your group up into teams and competing in a variety of trivia based competitions is a great way to get the participants to know each other, and their backgrounds, a little better. Our questions can be general knowledge or even engage in more detail about your company or industry. The participants compare backgrounds to wager points on questions and thus get to know each other better.

escape rooms

Escape Rooms

Part of the game show mentality is the pulling together of a team to overcome a challenge. Nowhere is this more the case than with an escape room. We have options at various levels of difficulty and the ability to randomize certain elements so that information can't be shared between groups. Portability and cost may be an issue depending on a lot of options.

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Murder Mysteries

An offshoot of our game shows includes our murder mystery options. This gets individuals or teams competing with one another to try to determine the murderer within their midst. This requires people to work together and to make determinations based on interactions.

casino gaming

Casino Nights

While you should never have to gamble on the success of your business, gambling can be a great way to bolster confidence and have employees share a great time. We can provide shills and funny characters to lighten the evening and can even tip the odds in favor of employees. The biggest chip winners can even win small prizes for their participation!

destination management

Destination Management

When traveling with a corporate group, you don't want to have to worry about the logistical elements of your events. Let us arrange a variety of things from transportation and faciities to name tags and lunch menus.

Game Shows are the perfect challenges to get any team bonding with one another. Working together as a team is the path to winning and being winners is what keeps them focused.

With a variety of options from traditional game shows, like the Family Feud, Match Game, Minute To Win It and many others including Playoff offshoots, Destination Team Building is only a phone call away with THEY improv's unique approach to the marketplace.

With Escape Rooms, Murder Mystery Dinners, Trivia Nights and Casino Options, there is no shortage of ways that we can have your people playing games  to help your company win the biggest games of all.

Allow us to come up with a plan to best suit your needs.

Contact us to discuss your needs and come up with a plan for achieving your goals. You can reach us at 866-219-4386 or by email at


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