interpersonal communication workshops

Interpersonal Communication

While speaking with other people is natural, having a better understanding of communication one-on-one with another human being can help in business. Learning Emotional Intelligence can allow you to effect the decision making of others.

humorous communication workshops

Humorous Speaking Workshops

Having the ability to include humor in your presenations can allow you to better engage your audience and to get them to truly listen to you. People retain information at a greater rate and people are more likely to recommend you for advancement.

inspirational speaking

Inspirational Speaking Workshops

When looking for leaders in an organization, often management will look to find those who can inspire others to achieve greater results. We break down the idea of inspirational speaking and help you to learn to tap into the desires of others through emotional intelligence.

assertiveness training

Assertiveness Training

Speaking up isn't always easy. Many people are trained from an early age to fade into the background and to not make waves. Choosing not to be heard will only help you to not have your ideas contribute to the success of your company. We help to have you be heard and listened to.

presentation skills

Presentation Skills Training

Often the successful communication of an idea is reliant upon someone's ability to present that idea in an effective manner. Our presentation skills training workshops allow for the improvement of presentations and a better understanding of how they are viewed by others.

electronic communication workshops

Electronic Communication

Nowhere is miscommunication more common than in electronic communication. Without the normal visual cues and microtremors of a voice, electronic communication lacks a lot of context and yet is further hampered by a desire for brevity and the short attention span on the audience. We help to overcome these problems.

Communication Workshops for your corporate offsite events is made all the better with Destination Team Building programs from THEY improv.

We have a variety of communication workshops that help with speaking one-on-one with others, presenting in front of large groups, or trading information electronically. Each have their own challenges and we help your employees learn how to overcome these problems and to use emotional intelligence to help achieve their goals.

All of this is accomplished in a way that allows for the participants to enjoy the process and be appreciative of the opportunity. Additionally, because it is more enjoyable, retention of information is more likely.

Contact us to discuss your needs and come up with a plan for achieving your goals. You can reach us at 866-219-4386 or by email at

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