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Miami and the Beaches Transportation

South Florida is at a nexus. It both serves as a sort of capital of Latin America as well as a premier destination for the US as a way to escape the winters of the north.

Arriving in the area from the outside means one of five things. First, arriving at an area airport, either MIA or FLL. Airport shuttles to your hotel, rental car facilities and other methods of transportation differ between the airports.

MIA is more of an international airport than FLL, though FLL is gaining ground. Spirit Air has been providing low cost flights to Latin America and the Caribbean and increasing the competition in the field. Both have a variety of airport shuttles including Super Shuttle. Both have public bus access and taxis. Both have rental car facilities to handle needs throughout the region.

Second, arrival by train brings passengers from the rest of the country. This includes potentially the car train allowing you to bring in your own transportation. The Tri-Rail includes local destinations.

Third, arrival by bus tends to be a lesser used methodology, though sometimes people will come in as a group on a bus. A private bus can take a group directly to your destination teambuilding. Public bus transportation then requires transportation from the bus depot.

Fourth, arrival by private car doesn't require local transportation, of course.

Fifth, arrival by ship requires transportation from the port. This is either Port Everglades or the Port of Miami. There are some hotels local to the ports but sometimes you might need Port of Miami transportation or Port of Miami rental cars.

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